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While the Namaqua West Coast has much to offer as a wine producing area, it is one of the lesser-known wine tourism regions. One of the reasons for this could be because it is in the other direction from the more traditional wine tourism destinations of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. This said, the area is popular with tourists for the wild flowers in Spring, and is beginning to find its place on the map with wine tasting visitors.

Despite the Namaqua West Coast region still being a fledgling wine tourism destination, the region itself has been a winemaking area for centuries, with the first documented sale of wine in the Namaqua West Coast region penned by the French explorer Francois le Vaillant in the late 18th century. He had been travelling along the Olifants River and wrote that he bought “strong liquor” from the Widow van Zeijl. At the time, most farmers produced their own wine and brandy and sold some of the surplus to passing travellers.

Traditionally, the Olifants River valley has been known as a region that produces bulk wine and dessert wine. But in recent years, this has changed as many producers have extended their range to making smaller volumes of artisanal wines. Today a number of award-winning wines originate from the Namaqua West Coast region, including wines from our very own Namaqua winery. We invite you to be a pioneer, and come uncover one of South Africaโ€™s most burgeoning wine regions!