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Our Namaqua Cultivar wine range features only single-grape cultivars. These wines contain only one type of grape per bottle which allows the distinct personality of that varietal to shine.

This range creates a wonderfully firm footing for budding wine enthusiasts to learn about each wine grape.

For more experienced wine aficionados, these wines provide exactly what you’re looking for when pairing with food or preparing the perfect setting for an event.

Or maybe you’re just looking for a great bottle of wine that lives up to its label’s promises.

Regardless of your requirements, the Cultivar range provides quality wines to discover and enjoy.


Growing wine grapes along the West Coast of South Africa requires years of dedicated effort and our vintners have passed down knowledge from one generation to the next. With their passion, hard work and insight, they ensure each varietal thrives and provides its best flavours for our wines.

From our fruity Chenin Blanc to our spicy Shiraz, Namaqua is ready to cater for generations to come.

Try something new or pick an old favourite because either way, you’ll get to enjoy something special from our beloved West Coast.

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If you’re looking for a more exclusive wine, take a look at our Heritage wine range. It showcases the very best of our winemakers’ abilities.