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Cape West
Limited Release

Experience a tantalising burst of fruit aromas. These exclusive wines are crafted to perfection on the West Coast Wine Route and only the very best barrels are bottled. Grown only 7 km from the Atlantic Ocean where temperatures do not exceed 20 °C.

Winemakers Reserve
Spencer Bay

Turn down the lights and get comfortable. Named after a remote, unique bay on the West Coast of Southern Africa, this luxurious range of passionate red demands your undivided attention. We use small batched grapes in the West Coast aged in American oak barrels for 18 months to achieve our winemakers approval.

Cellar Door

While our cellar doors have always been open at our Tasting Room, our online shop is our newest entrance to the best priced wine straight from our Namaqua cellar. As all our wines are bottled and packaged right here on the farm, we have the opportunity to offer you fantastic benefits such as worthwhile savings, special bottlings and door-to-door deliveries.

Méthode Cap Classique

Romance. Sophistication. Pure Pleasure. Guinevere’s many charms making for a delicious seduction in the French tradition ~ and resistance is futile, just as it was for King Arthur and Lancelot of old. Bottle-matured in the true French classic method.

Late Harvest

Noble Late Harvest wines are made from grapes that are left on the vine even after they’ve reached their peak ripeness. By doing so, our winemakers encourage the grapes to become naturally sweeter over time as each individual grape dehydrates and the sugar content becomes more concentrated. The result? Exceptional dessert wine with a delicate, sweet aftertaste that seems to linger forever.